Portugal has a cultural and popular heritage that defies time. TRADIÇÕES praises the arts, it’s vast and antique knowledge that is now present with traces of a unique identity that interprets its different aromas.

On a map of living memories, a homage collection of familiar fragrances has been conceived with a touch of cotton and gold. Because the smell is, in fact, the first memory.




Popular folk art from the Portuguese fishing land, the Bilros Lace was woven by women that awaited for the return of their working men. This careful and dedicated thought inspires a perfumed filled with warmness and gentleness. BILROS sublimates the soothing qualities of the almond aroma, providing and transmitting cozy sensorial experiences.



Lost in centuries lies the origin of a demanding art resulting in impressive detail. To honor the people working these noble metals and the singularity of the Portuguese goldsmith, FILIGREE presents the verbena’s positive energy. The citric freshness is within the essence of a line that creates moments worth of gold.



The Lovers handkerchief evokes the candor of old days. It tells a tale of tradition where a girl old enough to marry would embroil for her intended. If her love was matched, the boy would use the embroidered handkerchief. LOVERS swear love to the perfumed red berries. Embedded with sweet wild aromas, this line exists to reward time and place to happy emotions.

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