The legacy we leave is defined by our stories, but they’re also what make us who we are.
Real Saboaria was born from the desire to produce high-quality soap bars and to add real value to such a specific market. Right now, we start a new narrative on which we try to involve those who try our products in the stories you can feel with each fragrance.


Chapter 1


We mirror our story and our legacy in everything we do. That’s why we want every home to become a little bit more Portuguese through our fragrances. That’s why we want for those who use our products to feel the stories we tell and relive those that make part of themselves.
In our products, we materialize an ode to the stories that glorify the senses, through the journey that only our fragrances can create.


Chapter 2

Our Collection


Chapter 3


We proudly carry the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certification badge, so that our environmental footprint can be as invisible as possible.
To continue to make history together, we keep the promise of being transparent on our processes, our quality standards, our good manufacturing practices, and in every process and method used in our production.



Chapter 4

Our Essence

From day one, we make sure that every single ingredient used on our products has to be carefully chosen, that the natural resources and biodiversity must be preserved, that the new plantations must be responsible, and that the providers must be certified. The attention in choosing raw materials is as thorough as everything we do, from caring about water consumption, liquid effluent discharge, atmospheric emissions, energy usage, waste recycling, noise management, to chemical storage. Every step in the production of our goods matter to us, that’s why everything we do or choose is thought carefully.

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Place your order by December 20th. We close between December 21st and January 4th.