There is a geography of aromas and textures that are created in the Portuguese seacoast. To meet her is to feel the salty spray of the ocean alongside the shoreline and rocky extensions that shape people’s experience. It also praises the people’s culture and knowledge of the vast ocean. COSTA is the recognition of this natural and human legacy.

In the marine identity, a timeless collection is created that emanates freshness and serenity. Everything wished for is to provide waves of well being.




In seamen’s land, algae don’t keep secrets. Used for its medicinal and cosmetic properties, they are the soul of ALGAE. This marine fragranced soap, with soft algae based exfoliation, dives into your skin with freshness and leaves it perfumed and revitalised.

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We are closed until January 4th. Happy Holidays!
We are closed until January 4th. Happy Holidays!