The wild landscape orchards and flourishing gardens that extend throughout Portugal have inspired our creation. CAMPO is a cyclical but careful harvest of nature’s elements that explode into several forms, colours and aromas.

Its essence lies in the season’s weather, the earth’s values and a flowers’ whole lifespan. The result is a collection pampered by senses, made of cleaner days and perfumed bouquets.




When cherries flourish, Portuguese slopes are painted with beauty and amazement. As springs come and go, the spectacle remains magnificent and fleeting. EPHEMERAL holds time, whilst retaining its perfection. The cherry flower shows the importance of an instant. Its delicate fragrance is the signature of a line that appeals to the daily creation of renovating rare moments.


Noites de Primavera

When the sun sets an exotic Jasmin aroma arrives with the breeze. Evoked by the Portuguese gardens, the old eastern routes and the magic of India, the flower exhales its sweetness and mystery on SPRING NIGHTS. The senses respond to the call. On quite warm nights, the sensual symbol of love and pureness – the white Jasmin – reveals itself through this line of intoxicating and deeply relaxing fragrances.


Flor dos Poemas

In a country of poets, country flowers are their muses. Celebrated with verses and sonnets, they spread around Portugal spontaneous beauty, so intense and simple. Within this inspiring scenery, the violet blue is the POEM’S FLOWERS. With sweet and wooden notes of the violet flower’s perceptible perfumed floral bouquet, this line rescues energy from fields.


Brisa Dourada

The countryside serenity is evoked by the aromas and textures that travel in Brisa Dourada. At any time or place, the appeal of nature is fulfilled, generously restoring the state of fullness.
Oat, the grain that’s rich in moisturising and calming properties, is the essence of this very soft fragrance line which is revived by citric, floral, and woodsy notes – because life is balance, from root to fruit.

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Place your order by December 20th. We close between December 21st and January 4th.